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Monthly Overview: June 2013

Posted on the 02nd July 2013

Monthly Overview: June 2013

Well, another month has gone by and the standard of projects on the blog has been nothing short of fantastic. Thank you to everybody who has shared a project on our new community site.

Once again there has been way to many to choose form so we have chosen 9 projects to display in the Monthly Overview.

Personalised Family Cushion Cover

Take a look at this beautiful cushion cover shared by Marie Challenger. Marie is a relatively new member to the site and this project literally took our breath away.

A's Christmas Present

Another new member to the site is Jane Elmer who made this stunning dress for her granddaughter.

Phone Case

An excellent project by the owner of The Sewing Directory - Fiona Pullen. These would be sure to brighten up any dull coloured phone :-)

Reversible Shoulder Bag

I will let the picture speak for itself on this project...

Dewhurst Sylko Thread Box

An inspiring creation by Jane James. Very professionally made lined with Felt and Suede fabric and she also managed to rescue the logo's on the side by very cleverly covering it with frosted netting.

Little Sweet Shop

When we first saw this project it put a smile on our faces for days, such an inspiring creation and also beautifully photographed.

Memory Box

Glenys Risdale shared this beautiful project and it was a tough decision which of the 2 projects she has shared to display in this months Monthly Overviews but we decided in the end to go with this Memory Box, you can see the amount of work, time and effort that has gone into this project.

Down on the Farm

The style, colours and design in this dress is nothing short of incredible, I am sure you will all agree it is an inspiring project.

Street Credibility

What a fantastic project shared by Leren Connor. If you check out this project you will see she has shared more photos and I am sure you will love all of Leren's work!


You simply can't help but smile when you look at this project :-)

Unfortunately we have now come to an end of the blog post and would have loved to have shared more projects with you this month as there are many we have missed off that should really have made it into the list.

Keep sharing your projects on Look What Ive Made and be sure to check back next month when we will be showcasing projects from the month of July.


Fiona PullenFiona Pullen 5 years ago
Thank you for picking my project, so many great projects there to choose from.

Daniel OrmerodDaniel Ormerod 4 years ago
Hi Fiona, It was well deserved!

Frances PawleyFrances Pawley 4 years ago
So much work went into these and they are a joy to see. Well done everyone whose projects are here.

Flutterby RedFlutterby Red 4 years ago
Love the reversible shoulder bag!

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