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Inviting Environments

by VAnicki Design Team


Extract from the VAnicki Design Team Ethos;

'We believe that the way an environment is designed affects how people behave and feel. It has been well understood for some time now that high quality healthcare buildings have a positive impact on our health. People are happier in environments where they feel comfortable and confident; where they can be engaged with their environments while still being able to make sense of them. We believe healthcare environments must be designed so that they connect people to their surroundings in an innovative and intuitive way.'

Working alongside Arts for Health enabled us to work directly with a real hospital as part of our MA. The Babington Hospital Day Care Unit in Belper, Derbyshire wanted us to create a welcoming, comforting waiting room where people could feel relaxed. Arts for Health have provided us with indispensable guidance and advice to enable us to develop and advance our skills to suit the healthcare environment.

Although we had never worked in the healthcare field before, we found that our interests naturally correlated with that of Arts for Health, and that our work could easily be applied to the given environment. Additional considerations such as suitability, maintenance and health and safety were necessary to take into account and allowed us a challenging project to undertake with Arts for Health.

Following their MA, Andrea and Vicki have continued working together as VAnicki, a forward thinking and collaborative design team with a serious commitment to simplicity, quality and innovation.

VAnicki's vision is to create inspiring environments predominantly across the healthcare sector, as well as working on commercial and residential spaces, offering bespoke design skills.

For more information on VAnicki please email

Read more about this project on the MMU website here;

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Daniel Ormerod

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Inviting Environments