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by Andi Caswell


1 - Flatten carrier bag
2 - Fold into 4 and cut off handles and bottom
3 - Open out and roll up leaving 2 - 3 cms at top
4 - Cut through rolled section only to desired width
5 - Open out fringe loops
6 - Put something inside so that the uncut section is showing
7 - Make first diagonal cut
8 - Make diagonal cuts along whole uncut section to end
9 - Roll into little ball and cut handles into strips if required

if you cut the strips at between 1.5 and 2cm you can make just over 13 metres of plarn.
The last photo -no9- is the handles cut into three strips lengthways and the bit off the bottom of the bag. You need to use these and crochet over the top of them like they are rope to create a sturdier wall if you are making things like the fruit bowl shown.
You can also make shopping bags, slippers, floor cushions for outside in the garden and mats for the floor as well as laundry baskets and other storage containers but you need to cut the strip a little wider and crochet over a wider strip also.
Have fun :)
The strips on the fruit bowl are 2.5cms wide and the strips that are crocheted over are about 5 cms wide.

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