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TARDIS Coffee Cozy

by Angela McKean


Single crochet back ground. A bit of Google to figure out how to cross stitch on the single crochet & keep it looking nice. graph paper & sketch paper to formulate the layout of the hearts in conjunction to the TARDIS. the a log of tolerance and patience.

This project has been admired 3 times

Rae  OldhamDaniel OrmerodVicki Ormerod

This project has been favoured 2 times

Vicki OrmerodRae  Oldham


Rae  OldhamRae Oldham 5 years ago
Doctor Who craft is the best passtime ever!

Vicki OrmerodVicki Ormerod 5 years ago
what a fantastic idea! love the use of crochet and cross stitch together :)

Mary StatonMary Staton 5 years ago
Like the combination of crochet and cross stitch and a great make for a Dr Who fan :-)

Daniel OrmerodDaniel Ormerod 5 years ago
Well done!

Angela McKeanAngela McKean 4 years ago
Thank you for all the compliments! I am however thinking of re-working this pattern then posting it on my blog at a time hopefully in the fairly near future...

appectata appectataappectata appectata 4 years ago
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