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Demitasse Pin cushion

by Andi Caswell


Using a demitasse cup purchased at a bootsale I drew around the cup onto a thick piece of corrugated card and cut it slightly smaller so that it fit inside the cup.
Using the card as the pattern I cut a circle of pretty fabric about hlf an inch bigger than the circle and made a running stitch around the edge of it.
popped a small amount of fibre fill onto the card with a dab of glue and covered the car and filler with the fabric pulling the running stitch tight so that all is contained inside the circle and the rough side of the pad was covered with a small circle of felt.
Take a 6 inch piece of thin ribbon and tie into a bow. Push a threaded needle through the centre of the pad up through the stuffing and the ribbon back down through the pad to the felt side and through the button and repeat several times as the ribbon will be used to remove the pad.
Using hot glue, stick the cup to the saucer.
Add a few pretty pins and a button to decorate.

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brenda mcdermid


Hazel MooreHazel Moore 4 years ago
Brilliant idea. I have loads of odd little teacups.

Andi CaswellAndi Caswell 4 years ago
I have another one on here too and loads more ready glued waiting for the tops :o)

Ceridwen ClarkeCeridwen Clarke 4 years ago
Nice idea and well made!

Andi CaswellAndi Caswell 4 years ago
Here is another one I did -

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