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Bonnet Angel

by Margaret Land


I starched both the bonnet and the doily well to make them nice and stiff. Then I wrapped reddish-brown floss around a small wooden dowel, sprayed it with starch, and let it dry. While it was drying I traced a sketch of an angel onto my fabric, along with an outline of the wing area. and a circle around the head for a halo, which I worked in three rows of feather stitching, outlined on either side with stem stitch. I also used a stem stitch to mark the curve of the angels cheek and neck. To make the hair, I unwound the dried floss and cut several 15" lengths. Separating them into sections of 2 strands each, I inserted them into the right side of the hair area of the sketch. This is pretty much trial and error work. Keep adding strands until it looks like you have the area covered. Then tack them down into a shape you like using a single strand of the same floss, uncurled. Insert the other end of each strand back through the fabric. On the back side, you can tie them all off, knotting two nearby strands together all over until all of them are secured. Snip off the excess lengths. Them position the bonnet as the angel's gown and tack it invisibly in place. Cut a section of your starched doily out to form the wings, being sure to use fray-check on each cut. Tack them in place invisibly too, and you have your angel.

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Bonnet Angel