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Baking Afternoon

by Amy Young


I had a free afternoon in on my own and decided the house was short of a few homemade cakes and bakes, so I decided to look through a few recipe books and search for a few online and ended up with all of these things.

I initially decided on making an apple and blackberry crumble, and was left over with way too much crumble to throw away, so I then tried to find as much left over fruit as I could to use up the rest of the crumble; which is why I also have a pear crumble, as well as a strawberry crumble!

With so much chocolate to spare from easter eggs I melted some of my chocolate eggs to mix with frosties and put into individual cake cases and then into the fridge to set.

I made use of a small recipe book I had for Christmas also to make some adorable little chocolate cakes too!:)

Finally, my granddad has a neighbour with an apple tree that leans over into his garden, so I picked some of them *as the neighbour tends not to use them and they usually just go to waste every year*, and made him an apple pie with them. Again, google was my aid in this instance and I used a recipe from online in order to make my apple pie.

My only mistake was making too little dough and making the bottom of the pie too thin, which caused the sides to crack when it was taken out of the tin because it wasn't strong enough-but all in all it tasted good, and homemade isn't supposed to be perfect!

1 Comment

Ceridwen ClarkeCeridwen Clarke 5 years ago
Yum Yum

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