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English Tutu

by Gaby Becerra


Cut a tul rectangle. Width: 2.1 x waist measurement. Length: 3 x waist to knee measurement.

Make two to three folds on the width of the tul. They have to have different length
measurements but that they all on the meet on the top. (waist)

Press down

Sew the two ends with the fabric folded

Gather the tul at the top (waist)

Sew the satin waistband (width: hip measurement / length 5cm + 2cm seam allowance) and introduce the elastic band (width: stretch the elastic band to meet waist measurement x length 3.5cm)

Make a ribbon with the length that you desire and sew it at the center of the elastic band.

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brenda mcdermid

1 Comment

Elizabeth BrewerElizabeth Brewer 3 years ago
Hello there it's the same thing what Amanda is doing on here, another designer.I would like to see your other projects on here too.Im a designer myself if you look on my profile also.I had a mate that does children's wear,she is finding it very tough to sell in the market,and it's on going her brand is influence with style you will find her on Facebook Maureen John Charles see what you think of her things okay.But please put some more things on your share profile it would be nice to see more of your work .😊

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