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Handmade hearts

by Cassia Evans


Step one: collect all materials together, draw outline of heart onto chosen fabric.
Step two: using scissors cut around heart leaving a 2cm space around pencil outline.
Step three: pin heart onto a piece of felt and cut around the edges using pinking shears.
Step four: write name onto another piece of felt using a pencil and cut around felt using pinking shears into a rectangle shape.
Step five: choose a piece of embroidery thread and use three strands threaded through a needle and stitch on top of the penciled writing, ensuring no gaps are left between stitches so that no pencil is visible.
Step six: unpin heart shapes and mount onto cotton fabric side of the heart using a glue gun (or mount onto a second piece of felt and sew around edges then mount using glue gun).
Step seven: stitch around edges of felt (as seen in pictures) then pin hearts back together and using a running stitch using 3 strands of embroidery thread, leave a 2 cm gap around edges of heart, leaving a space of 5 cm to enable stuffing and lavender to be placed into heart. Go around the heart again with a running stitch filing in the gaps from the first running stitch.
Step eight: fill heart with a mix of lavender and stuffing then sew hole up using running stitch method.
Step nine: choose a bow and sew a small heart button onto the bow and use glue gun to stick onto heart (as seen in pics).
Step ten: cut a piece of your chosen ribbon, stick ends of ribbon together with glue gun then apply to the back of the heart (behind the bow) using a glue gun.
Then you're done! Methods can be altered for different designs as seen in pictures :)

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Handmade hearts