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Katy Perry

by Hannah Trainer


Skirt: I took some sheer fabric in 6 different colors, sewed them edge to edge into a long train, then folded over and sewed the top and pulled a stretchy thing through it (sorry, brain fart--I forget what it's called)
Top: Corset. Take lightweight clay made from glue, cornstarch, lemon juice, and heated in a pot. Mold into a million different candies and set to dry out. Paint when dry. Glue all over corset. Ice cream cone made from brown paper stuffed with hard foam then glued to corset. Ice cream made from fabric and stuffed with cotton balls. Glued to cone. Cupcake made from styrophome medium size bowl filled up with hardening/expanding foam till it overflows, then shave it to a round muffin top. paint. glue brown paper around styrophome bowl, then take colored caulk into icing decorator and squeeze all over cupcake top, sprinkle with glitter and beads and let harden. cut whole cupcake in half and glue to corset. Large candy wrappers made from cloth balls with shiny sheer fabric wrapped around like a candy wrapper and tied at ends with ribbon. glue to corset. once everything is glued to corset, glue beads all over base of corset for sprinkle effect. Necklace made of clay shapes with hole poked through and string strung through them and small handmade cloth candy wrappers glued to it. Wig bought at party store. Hairband made from a 3D cardboard heart attached to headband, then I found a lady gaga-ish hair bow that was dyed pink and took it apart revealing a long train of fake pink hair that i just wrapped around the headband. dont forget fake eyelashes, fake tan, pink leggings, and glitter eyeliner!

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