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Kip, Pip and Flip!

by Sara VanOrden


If you have been watching my facebook page and my instagram the past two weeks, you know I have been working on three little swirled owls. After making Edwin, I wanted to make another owl but with a few changes. As an artist, I constantly strive to improve upon the last piece. I immediately felt the need to perfect his design. I knew I wanted bigger eyes and a bit more whimsy, so after a week of needle felting, Kip was born! I typically try to list a piece every weekend, but after making Kip last week, I didn't want him to be photographed alone. He needed little owl buddies. So this week, I decided to push myself to make two more. I finished Pip mid-week, and last night I finished Flip. May I present the three!

Each owl was completely needle felted (no pre-felted pieces as always) with a single needle. I weighted them all with steel pellets inside of their bellies so they are nice and cuddly when sitting in the palm of your hand. I spent many hours on each felting the tiny swirls on their bodies and wings. They are approximately 3.75 inches and are $119 each.

Flip, Pip, and Kip are now in my BearPile and Etsy shops so be sure to stop by to say hi!
I absolutely love these three, but alas I cannot keep everything I make. If I did, it wouldn't be much of a business then, would it?!

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Nicola SumnerGlitterama Crafts

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Montana HoweVicki Ormerod


Vicki OrmerodVicki Ormerod 4 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous! Love them all :)

Glitterama CraftsGlitterama Crafts 4 years ago
These guys are just so sweet! :)

Sara VanOrdenSara VanOrden 4 years ago
Thank you both!! :)

Nicola SumnerNicola Sumner 4 years ago
Very cute! Beautiful detail :-)

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