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Meet Melanie

by Amy Thomas


I'm not a graceful elegant French woman. And pending some kind of life-transplant, I don’t think I ever will be. But that doesn't mean I can’t wear chic French patterns and frolic around pretending I am. Anyone else feel like this some times?

Meet Melanie; She’s one of the patterns designed by Géraldine of Republique Du Chiffon, from her book Un été couture (A summer wardrobe), the French pattern book I got for Christmas. Oh yes the irony of buying and making a summer wardrobe during this horrible weather, but hey it’s on the turn isn't it? This is really a spring frock!

I chose this dress for my March Minerva Blogger Network make. I was optimistically hoping for better weather. Don't get me started on how wrong I was but I did end up with a sweet little dress. The fabric is a lovely glossy rust coloured cotton lawn.

Melanie is a zip fronted dress with split cap sleeves and waist pleats. She’s cute, rather short but lots of fun to sew. She has a nifty zip facing that keeps everything looking neat and the split sleeves are fully lined which looks nice and tidy.

I do love the zip and the finish you get on the inside. Those skirt pleats are very cute and there's definitely cool factor in the split sleeves.

Don't be put off by this pattern book being in French. Everything is understandable using poor high school French mixed with Google translate. Plus the diagrams are pretty good. They double up across the book you see. You look at a pattern and think "hmmpf why am I only getting three diagrams?" but the diagrams to other steps are included in other similar patterns from the book: Very clever and space-saving.

Would you wear a zip front dress?

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