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My Singer Sewing Machines

by Claire Green


When buying vintage Singers (or other similar machines) the thing to remember is, you dont know how good those electrics are (if, indeed there are any at all!) so always budget for this. You can also buy conversion kits which include the motor/cables needed.

I used to have a standard Brother Innovis, BUT, it (and a lot of modern home sewing machines) just cannot cope with the bulk of 6 layers of fabric you find in corsetry seams. I asked my other corsetiere friends, who aside from industrial machines, all recommended the Singer. We picked this one up for £60 (NEVER pay more than £90 for a good working machine, they honestly are not worth it, people on ebay will pay hundreds for these, thinking they are worth a LOT of money due to the current 'vintage fad' just to have them sit there 'looking pretty' which maddens me!!)

I use the Singer 201k mostly, as its the one Singer that has the Reverse lever on it, the other 2 (much prettier ones) dont have that function, and honestly? in corsetry, you dont need a gazillion and one different stitches. Forward * Reverse are all that's needed.

1 Comment

Hazel MooreHazel Moore 4 years ago
Could not agree more, the older singers are far and away the best machines ever. I own several and still have one like that in the picture, it's also still operated by hand, never put a motor in it. They are beautiful to work with as well as look at.

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