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Needle Felted Dragonflies

by Sharon Backler


Merino wool sculpted in to shape by needle felting and wrapping metallic thread. I've made these to send to the Woollen Woods art project being staged by Worth having a look if you enjoy wildlife and making things with wool!

This project has been admired 2 times

Nicola SumnerSara VanOrden


Beth YackelBeth Yackel 3 years ago
I would love to purchase several of the dragonflies from you!!

Sharon BacklerSharon Backler 3 years ago
Hi Beth, have just found your message! I would be happy to make some dragonflies for you, if you email me I can give you more details. My email address is Look forward to hearing from you, Sharon :)

DavidKex DavidKexDavidKex DavidKex 10 months ago
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