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Pocket Hanger

by Suzanne Carmichael


I measured and cut two pieces of main fabric to the size I wanted.

Next I measured and cut out the fabric for my pockets in different sizes. I cut 2 wider so that they could have a gathered side so they would hold a little more in them.

I then cut hearts to go on the front and two squares for the other pockets to make a pocket on a pocket.

I turned the tops over (twice to make nice and neat). and then sewed on the hearts and pockets and the trim that I wanted (I used ric rac and bias binding to give a contrast).

When the pockets were finished, I ironed them and then ironed an extra fold on two at the sides (like making a fan) so that they would hold more.

I pinned the pockets to the front piece of my main fabric, the fan sides you sew the bottom fold leaving one fold to allow for wider items.

When it comes to sewing the pockets, sew on the normal pockets. With the other two pockets, sew the sides with the double fold first, then sew the bottom, this will hold the pockets in place and allow the fold to open out and give more space (hope that makes sense but you can see from the picture).

When you have sewn all the pockets on, put right sides together on your main piece. Centre you hanger at the top and then draw around. Leave a gap in the centre so you can poke the metal hanging part through when finished. Sew along the line at the top (with the gap in the middle) and then down the sides (ensuring that your hanger will fit in and you dont sew too tight). Leave the bottom open so you can put the hanger in.

Turn the project right sides out and iron. Iron the turnup at the bottom, insert the hanger into the project and pin together, I inserted some more ric rac trim to show at the bottom as a feature. Pin and sew.

Your hanger is finished. You can trim with anything you have lying around, add as many buttons, bows and trims as you like, and make it to suit any size, especially as there are many different hanger styles out there.

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Pocket Hanger