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Old Macdonald's pin cushion

by Jane James


Sew together your circles of fabric inside out, around the outside, leaving an inch gap to stuff the pin cushion.
Trim off edges to 4mm.
Turn cushion to the right side of fabric.
Carefully stuff with filling, reasonably full.
Neatly join unsewn edges together using a neat running stitch.
Mould your cushion into shape with your hands.
With your thread, first anchor it at the centre where your button will go, then wrap it across the diameter and then through the centre, placing and attaching your first button.
Repeat two or three times until you have six or eight sections to your circle.
Pass your thread through to the other side and sew in your other button.
Each time you pass your thread across the diameter, try to pull gently to achieve the indentations; the tomato shape.
Secure your buttons both side by passing thread through front and back four times before tying a knot. Lose the thread inside the cushion by pulling tightly on the last needle puncture; cut thread.
Embroider each section on the top of your cushion with anything of your choice.
I chose insects and animals around the farm yard!
Good luck.
Remember, once you have made your first cushion, the variations are endless

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Vicki Ormerod


Vicki OrmerodVicki Ormerod 4 years ago
Thanks for the lovely write up on how this is made :)

Jane JamesJane James 4 years ago
It's a's so easy! Have a go x

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